Sunset Freshened by the Sea

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Sunset Fresh fragrance MOCA 072218 Label Mod

Sunset Freshened by the Sea is a fresh, modern scent that is introduced with vibrant citrus notes of Grapefruit, Tangerine and Orange then embraced with fresh marine air. This expression of the brilliant golden hues of the sun sparkling on dancing ocean waves is the perfect introduction to the mid-notes of the fragrance. Here as the sun moves toward the horizon, the citrus moves through the fragrance to reveal a stunning bouquet of Golden Poppy and delicate blossoms of Night Blooming Jasmine laced with Rose petals. As we progress to the moment of dusk and the base of SFBTS an addictive fusion of exotic orchid, amber, sandalwood, and ethereal musk captures the essence of sun-warmed sand and weathered driftwood, creating a lasting impression that is gently kissed with a touch of sweet sugar cane

SFBTS is comprised of four main accords.

Soleil: Is a bright blend of citruses composed of White Grapefruit, Tangerine and California Orange energized with natural green notes and balanced with a touch of sugar cane and a hint of pineapple.

Flourish: A purely floral endeavor aspiring to the petally aspects of the inspiring flowers of golden poppy, Night Blooming Jasmin, Rose and exotic Orchid. This balanced accord gives true body to the fragrance yet remains transparent through its execution.

Spindrift: This accord gives structure to the overall fragrance experience yet a realization of the truth of returning to your origins. The rich Indian Sandalwood sourced from Australia with deep Amber notes, spiked with Elemi with and Pink Peppercorn then wrapped in a halo of fresh air and Musk. Then heartened with a touch of sea salt and marine lending to a trace of the ocean’s realities.

Blanc: Is all about the embrace and almost spiritual nature of the fragrance. Comforting combinations of Musk with sweetness from sugarcane and interaction with Melon components give a richness and the “hold on to me” personality of SFBTS.

Christopher Diienno


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