Memory Olfaction Creatively Applied®

Pure Essence for Life

Bringing fragrance expression to the next level MOCA Fragrances aims to tap into the associations we all have with the intimate memories of scents in each our lives.

Pure Essence for Life is the design philosophy employed. By releasing the hidden perfumer in all of us our goal is to create a personal experience for every fragrance.

Finding the scents that inspire you and revealing your ties to them with an experiential journey involving all your senses. Memories of Olfaction Creatively Applied!

Laguna Niguel 2010
Laguna Nigel

Christopher Diienno –  Perfumer / Owner


As a Perfumer and fragrance expert for over two decades Christopher has helped develop many of the worlds greatest fragrances. His expertise and minimalist approach to fragrance design has inspired many successful creations. Never seeking individual accolades and always remaining honest to the theme of the essence, he has developed a keen sense of truth in creation.

Artistically gifted and technically skilled as well as highly aesthetically tuned-in his creations emulate a world of distinctive design and relate specifically to the memories we share in our ever-changing journey through life.  The fragrance memories drive the design and the artistic interpretation remains true to your expectations, revealing that moment of exhilartion from the realization of the connection.

Come experience your beautiful journey through the senses as he creates the next fragrance for your product, area or self.  Delve into memories of your life and recreate those moments by identifying with the scents that have helped to mold you to today. These elements will come together to inspire your future and raise the awareness of your scent environment!